It seems that the average job these days lasts about two years and we know that there could be difficult times ahead, but what if I told you that there was a better way, where you wouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of leaping from one job to the next, where you could gain financial freedom and declare your independence from the 9 to 5 drudgery and daily commutes. Would that interest you?


          Then, if I told you that this business is resistant to recession, ubiquitous: appealing to every age, gender and socio-economic level; where you would have high profit margins and a competitive advantage, in a sector that’s under developed and ripe to be disrupted. Sound scintillating?


          Framed art may not sound scintillating, but it is in every home and office, a multi-billion-dollar industry that up until now has been hiding in plain view. The problem is that the industry is made up mostly of small independent shops that farm out their work orders through an antiquated distribution system, made up of many layers of middlemen, who each take a profit and ratchet up the price, so by the time it reaches the consumer, it is perceived as being difficult to do and very expensive.


          People don’t like doing things that are difficult & painful, (think taxes) but imagine if there was a system that eliminated all of the waste and inefficiencies and made it Fun & Easy to create a personal masterpiece at a reasonable price; it would be like “Build-a-Bear Workshop” for grownups and there would be a vast untapped market with huge upside potential waiting to be served.


          That is what Fancy Art, NFP® has done, over the past twenty-plus years, we have created concepts and innovations that have turned this industry on its head. Take a look at this short video and you will see why.



          And our customers love it, here is what they have to say.


          I am sharing this with you, because now we are an emerging franchise, which presents a tremendous opportunity for those who are early adopters, here are some of the many advantages you will have with this business:


     • An uncongested sector of business where the best territories are still available.
     • With our franchise you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, as described in the video, our system, with the Hub-n-Spoke business model, make it Fun & Easy for both you and the customer.
     • We do most of the work and you make most of the profits. – From our recommended pricing, you will have a 200% mark-up on custom framing and 100% on all other profit centers.

     • By transferring your orders via the internet to the local hub, where the frame, matting and glazing are fabricated as well as most other ancillary services, which means that you won’t have to buy or allocate space for expensive equipment, stock left over material, learn all of the different skills and procedures or have the employees necessary to do them.
     • A healthy lifestyle – you’ll be surrounded by beautiful artworks, soft music, with a clientele who appreciate the finer things of life and who have the discretionary income to afford them, every job is different, so it will never get mundane and you will be creating beautiful artifacts that will adorn the walls of homes and offices, where they will become the focal point of conversations and the source of word of mouth publicity.
     • From a marketing perspective, you will have the name and personal data as well as the archived orders of all of your clientele and instead of having price off sales (because you will already be the low price leader) you can host social events: artist showings, charitable events, etc to bring the community together and enhance your following.
     • Finally, although we utilize the internet, your business will never be taken over by E-commerce, because art & custom framing is a touchy feely thing with a wide array of textures, colors and proportion of size, which you just can’t get a good feel for from a computer screen and you don’t have to worry about technology making your craft obsolete, because as long as we have living spaces, we will want to have artwork hanging on the walls.


           This is an opportunity for you to go into business for yourself and take control of your destiny, instead of having to pay the price for the bad decisions made by others, where you can build a legacy for yourself and your family. And right now is the perfect time for you to get in on the ground floor.


          We would like to send you more information that will confirm this as the best choice for yourself your family as well. After twenty-four years in this business, I can tell you that for all the reasons mentioned above, it is still fun for me to come to work every day. We’ve included some market research and Fancy Facts to get you started, then simply Click Here and we will send you more information, detailing how to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself – we can say that because We will always be there to support you and help you optimize your success, since your success and ours will be intertwined.


          Additionally, to help you get started and answer some of the many questions you may have about starting a business, we created a self study course,; its purpose is to prepare you and give you the knowledge you need to be able to make smart business choices and avoid making costly mistakes in whatever business you decide upon (of course we hope it is ours). The course is free, but the knowledge you will gain by taking it is priceless.

          Lastly, we know that making a change is hard, but in life, you can either make change happen for the better or let change happen, usually for the worse; here is a link that will give you some inspiration ; after all, with one life to live, why not live it to your fullest potential.


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