Why Choose To Franchise With Fancy Art N.F.P.®

Over the past twenty years Fancy Art, *N.F.P.®, has developed systems and concepts that will revolutionize this industry. But you may ask, is art and framing an industry?
Whether you consider it home improvement or interior design, Framed art is in every home and office in America, It is a seven-billion-dollar/year marketplace, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We live in an Image Conscious Society; people want to have art that reflects their image and lifestyle. So, why haven’t more people done custom framing? Simply, it’s human nature; we enjoy doing things that are easy and fun, but avoid things that are difficult or painful. Custom framing is perceived as being difficult and expensive; that is because the industry uses an antiquated distribution system with layers of middlemen, each taking a profit and driving up the price. Further, most shops are undersized, with a limited selection and utilize menial methods, which makes ordering arduous and time consuming. So, imagine the potential if you streamlined the system, eliminated the waste and made it easy and fun to create a personal masterpiece; it would be like “Build a bear Workshop” for grownups.
Amongst our many innovations we have a patented racking system that allows us to give our customers a greater selection than any of our competitors, a proprietary Order Management Computer System that guides the customer effortlessly through the framing process and makes it easy for them to say yes! Both you and they benefit.
Typically, they will save at least 20% to 50% and you simply push a button to generate a work order, which is sent to our regional facility (the hub), where it is fabricated and delivered back to your shop for finishing. There is no expensive equipment to buy or materials to order; your entire shop can be dedicated to sales and your time can be spent enjoying the fruits of your labor. Consider these additional attributes:

  • A friendly, wholesome and low stress work environment.
  • A product that is needed in every home and office.
  • A clientele that appreciate the finer things of life and the discretionary income to afford them.
  • A high ticket item with high profit margins.
  • Low staff requirements.
  • No need to tie up money and space for expensive equipment and materials.
  • Exclusive territories.
  • Complete support nearby to answer any questions and to address all of your needs.
We understand that finding a franchise that meets your needs can sometimes be a long and daunting process. As we tell our customers, the only way tomake the best choice is to compare and we encourage you to do so. We feel that we have a lot to offer to the right individual, so much so that if we can paraphrase Mr

Lee Iaccoca, if you can find a better franchise, you should buy it.

Some interesting facts:
  1. Franchising companies employed nearly 10 million people at more than 828,138 franchise businesses in 2007.
  2. Franchise companies account for 6.2% of all private sector jobs, maintaining payroll of $304.4 billion.

    Source: Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses, Vol. 3 Results as of 2007